Elevate your jack-up operations

  • We provide SSAs and LPAs for your jack-up
  • Order these for a fixed price and at a guaranteed delivery time
  • Or license our software to perform your own
  • Fully compliant with ISO 19905-1:2016

All-stage project support

  • Enhance your tender proposal
  • Obtain approval of Authorities and the Marine Warranty Surveyor
  • Support operations and decision making
  • Maximize workability at the highest level of safety

Site-Specific Assessment of jack-ups as a commodity

At Calypso, we have successfully standardized performing site-specific assessments (SSAs) for jack-ups. We can confidently offer SSAs at a fixed low price and at a fixed delivery time of only three days. This truly transforms the jack-up industry, making SSAs available at your convenience. It enables our clients to make optimal use of their fleet and create a high level of independence and control. Our clients work in oil and gas, offshore wind farm installation, operation and maintenance and civil construction.

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Leg Penetration Analysis within one working day

We offer a leg penetration analysis (LPA) within one day at a fixed low price. An LPA determines the minimum and maximum expected penetrations and the potential occurrence of rapid penetration and punch-through. It provides guidance for going on location, preloading and jacking up. The assessment also identifies geotechnical hazards, such as scour and footprints.

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Capitalize upon the full capabilities of your jack-up

The jack-up engineering experts of Calypso create a custom parametric model of your jack-up platform – only once in a lifetime. Only the site-specific details such as metocean data and soil data need to be supplied for every new site you wish to visit. The Calypso application creates all required calculation models and performs the checks required for a jack-up SSA. No engineering judgement, no short-cuts, no hidden conservatism, no lead-time. Make full use of all capabilities of your jack-up platform using Calypso.

A single tool for every jack-up platform

The Calypso app is the implementation of the ISO 19905-1:2016 standard on performing site-specific assessments for jack-up platforms in elevated condition. It enables any engineer to apply all knowledge in this standard without having to be a jack-up engineering expert. The application is suitable for any jack-up, being wind turbine generator installation platforms, cantilever drilling rigs, or general construction and accommodation platforms. The Calypso application comes with a powerful module for Leg Penetration Analysis, that enables you to perform an LPA for any spudcan geometry.

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