About Calypso


Calypso is a leading jack-up engineering and consultancy firm. We support clients around the world to elevate their jack-up operations. 

Jack-up engineering combines structural, mechanical, hydromechanical and geotechnical engineering with practical know-how of jack-up operations. Our team of jack-up engineering experts shares in-depth knowledge in these fields as well as experience in supporting rig moves, commissioning and inspection. This combination enables us to create practically applicable reports and software.


“Jack-up engineering requires one to be a generalist and a specialist – to know which details matter and how to keep an eye on the bigger picture.” – Maas Hoogeveen


Based in the Netherlands, in the town of Voorschoten near Rotterdam, our team of engineers and supporting staff is ready to take on any challenge that the day may bring.

Calypso is always on the look-out for bright minds to strengthen our team. Interested to learn more?

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