Calyspo SSA application

The Calypso SSA application is the implementation of the ISO 19905-1:2016 standard on performing site-specific assessments (SSA) for jack-ups in elevated condition. It enables any engineer to apply the knowledge contained in this standard without having to be a jack-up engineering expert. The application is suitable for any jack-up, being wind turbine generator installation units, cantilever drilling rigs, or general construction and accommodation platforms.

The Calypso SSA application allows every jack-up owner to capitalize upon the full capabilities of their assets.

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Calypso model as used for site-specific assessments

Calypso LPA application

The Calypso LPA application is the implementation of section 9 of the ISO 19905-1:2016 standard regarding leg penetration analysis (LPA). It enables the user to determine the expected penetration of any spudcan shape, given the exerted preload and the soil profile. The following key features are included: 

  • Analysis of unlimited number of soil layers 
  • Complex interaction between layers accounted for 
  • Inclusion of back-fill and in-fill 
  • Sophisticated spudcan geometry 
  • Efficient analysis and report delivery 
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Going-on-location simulation suite 

Going-on location is the process where a jack-up goes from being a free-floating vessel to being soft-pinned to being an elevated platform. For a safe rig move, it is imperative to know within which environmental conditions this operation may be performed. Our going-on-location software suite enables us to accurately determine these limits through simulation.

The operation is inherently complex to simulate as the system cannot be considered to be stationary. Calypso uses commercially available hydrodynamic simulation software, aided with in-house developed software for addressing soil-structure interaction. 

Orcaflex model of a jack-up
This image shows a Barstool type structural model (Orcaflex) of a jack-up, extreme value distribution and spectrum, used in the monitoring software suite for gap-bridging monitoring

Monitoring software suite 

Performing an offshore monitoring campaign combines dependable real-time monitoring of incoming measured signals, day-to-day processing of forecasts and sending out automated reports as well as performing in-depth spectral and probabilistic analysis of the obtained data. 

Our Monitoring Suite combines interfaces and methods for all these activities. This reduces the amount of required engineering hours and ensures the reliability of the process. Most used data formats, including netCDF and MTB are supported.